06 september 2009

SkyWatch no 24 – En route

After 3 months in Port Germein it’s time to say good bye. When your family is living so far apart, you will always miss the ones you’re not with. So, I try to enjoy the moments. And there is a lot of them to put in the little treasure chest.

I’ve said it before, I’m grateful for the technological progress that gave us digital photos and Internet. So when not misused, I consider it a blessing. My treasure chest is filling up without being so heavy and I can flicker thru the photos and dive into the memory of my many moments and I can share.

From Back to France

Windmills, Colsa and Salvation Jane.

The monster in Locheil

This morning the sun is playing with the salt in the lake and the sand to make a purple veil to put over the colours.

A blue tram in Adelaide sparked memories from my childhood in Oslo. The trams there was blue and we always used the tram.


The weather is clearing up.


Was there a drawing on the runway?

Just beautiful


That was the last view of Australia

Not so long time at the airport in Bangkok, but


long enough to be board and 

find motives

More hours in London


And finally,

Bye Heathrow and

Hi Toulouse!

And hi Whiskie,

I hope you have enjoyed my sky and for more skies and views from all around the globe, dive in to SkyWatch: swftom

3 kommentarer:

mountain.mama sa...

I was very tired after that long trip but I sure did enjoy the pictures, especially Whiskie who must be happy to have you home!

joo sa...

I love your photos from the plane, they are beautiful!
Thanks for nice comment on my blog and for the link.

Squirrel sa...

looks like you are haveing a great time.

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