06 august 2009

My World no 21 – Flinders Range, Wilpena Pound

We have been really busy for a while. Partly because of a trip to Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Range National Park. It takes time to digest such an event and I feel exhausted.

It was at times very busy on the road.

And the views makes words so small and unnecessary

This is only Whiskies first pics among some Gb in RAW format I carried home and she wants her paws on all of them.

I want to share this “little” one:


This was my little contribution from my world to you this week, don’t miss out on the rest of the world here! mwtblack

3 kommentarer:

The Good Life in Virginia sa...

lovely captures...i so like the panoramas...and the kangaroo is cute.
have a lovely weekend.

Babooshka sa...

Oh these are so sweet.

Esther Garvi sa...

I love kangaroos! I hope I make it to Australia one day... Once in a lifetime would be previous enough!! :-D Thanks for sharing!!

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