05 juli 2009

Sneafell – A place on Isle of Man and an unique MC

Sneafell is obviously not just the highest “mountain” (in modern Norwegian language; Snefjell which in English would be snow mountain ) on the Isle of Man, it is also the name of a very unique MC with a sidecar designed and hand made by monsieur François Knorreck.



Read more about Sneafell on the Isle of Man at Ramsey daily photo

3 kommentarer:

Oz Girl sa...

My goodness, that looks more like a car with a motorcycle attached, than the other way around!

Babooshka sa...

Well I never knew that. I knew it meant snow capped mountain, but not of the car. Thank you for the info. I love blogging always learning.

Arija sa...

Snaefellsjokull is actualy a volcano in Iceland, and yes it is snowcapped and has its own glacier as well.

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