16 juli 2009

Sky Watch no 18

The weather had difficulty to decide what we should get today, so it was sun over the Port Germein Bushland and dark and threatning over the Flinders. But when you are 200 meters from your home and shelter, it doesn't matter does it?
  I think time has come to take shelter.
Not “Lake Collison”, but a new puddle on West Terrace.
Some displaced weed I found out there in the Bushland.
And the flock of Ibis lifting from “Lake Collison”

That was a few from today.

For more skies and views from all around the globe, enjoy the visit to : swftom

7 kommentarer:

Erin sa...

happy thursday elisabeth
beautiful swirls and sweeping clouds...love them. and the impending storm clouds off in the distance...beautiful shot.
have a wonderful weekend.

Dagrun sa...

Nydelige bilder var dette, likte kjempegodt det siste!

Anne sa...

Noe så flotte bilder du har tatt, og sannelrig tror jeg ikke det er et der med skyer med noen dråper i også :-) litt regn må man jo bare ha.

Vakkert vakkert, og en flott helg ønskes deg kjære utflytta norske venn.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy sa...

Elisabeth: A wonderful sky show in the outback. Those flaired clouds are so neat.

Regina sa...

Fantastic! and amazing skies.

Have a nice weekend Liz.

Babooshka sa...

Those light rays are so ethereal. Always such big open skies.

Oz Girl sa...

All beautiful skies - esp the impending dark storm clouds. We also can get sunny skies in one direction and storm clouds in another direction, all at the same time!

The ibis are beautiful!

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