11 juli 2009

Natural Sequence farming - NSF

Had not heard of Natural Sequence farming at all, but I got the association to the Eden Foundation project in Niger when looking at a program on the ABC 1 “The Australian Story” telling about Peter Andrews.

Explore the Natural Sequence farming  and look at the video on You Tube.

In my post I’m supposed to throw in some pictures and not writing so much. Here are some pictures of weeds. If you feel like it after exploring Peter Andrews Natural Sequence farming  and Eden Foundation, the principles behind farming in Niger, give me the rules for pointing out what is weed and what is not. This little flowering plant here is growing wild in many beautiful varieties, but is considered a weed.

Fra July - Port Germein

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Arija sa...

There really is no such thing as a plant that can universally be called a weed. What usually is called a weed is merely a plant out of place. To place the beautiful Gazania on the weeds list as it is in South Australia is rather silly. In certain sandy parts of our state it is not an advisable plant to have as it will spread and supplant our native flora. One could hardly classify it as a weed inthe Adelaide hills where it is, for the most part, quite hard to grow. The peope who decide these things seem not to have an extensive botanical knowledge. Love your photos, nice skywatchtoo.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy sa...

Elisabeth: What a really neat flower, great shots.

Elisabeth's bright side sa...

Gazania, thanks for the name Arja. When I look at the details in this beautiful flower I see natures unique art in it. The details in the middle is like looking at a mantra. This flower thrives along the sandy edges of the roads and together with the saltbushes. To me it will never be a weed.

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