20 juli 2009

My World no 19 – The chuck at the Wirrabara Market

Every third Sunday in the month there is a Farmers  market in Wirrabara. We passed Wirrabara on our way to Seven Hills last Sunday, but now we want to buy the monthly supplies of bio-dynamic products from the Farmers around Wirrabara. A lot of pictures were taken, Whiskie chose a few and there were a  photo not taken, but c’est la vie. I’m fortunate, I saw it and it made my day.


 The Free range Chuck at the Wirrabara Market

Someone wanted to buy a chuck
This little chuck here
No way this little chuck was leaving with some strangers.
The Chuck was running as fast as she could
Last turn around

And then, the picture not taken. I had a fresh battery pack in my hand and saw a beautiful takeoff from the market place over the roof were the coffee was served and to the main street in Wirrabara she disappeared.
I went out on the street looking for the adventures chicken, but she was not seen

Not by my little friend here, anyway.
After a while I was checking a certificate the farmer had hung up
Truly eggs laid by free range chucks as everyone could see
If the farmer didn’t bring her back home, she is probably still sitting there?


This was my little story from my world to you this week, don’t miss out on the rest of the world here! mwtblack

And if you like animals, you can go to Pet Pride

Pet Pride 

18 kommentarer:

Sylvia K sa...

What a fun post! And marvelous photos! Love the chickens!! Have a great week!

LadyFi sa...

That's hilarious! The chicken who didn't want to be bought.

Titania sa...

A great story, fun pics and it always makes me happy when I see free range hens!

magiceye sa...

that was such a lovely story!

Pet Pride

Wolynski sa...

Very funny story of the independent chicken with a mind of her own. What are bio-dynamic products? Is it like organic?

Elisabeth's bright side sa...

Wolynski, I'm a little confused about bio dynamic bio organic, naturally grown and all of the combinations. Food to me is organic. But it tastes good

Babooshka sa...

I really wish we had any kind of market here. I am a big believer in shopping local, especially for farm products, always tastier. Loved your little friend peeking into the camera.

Snap sa...

What a fun post! Smart chicken! Lovely photos. I felt like I was right there with you.

Hazel sa...

I love that dog! The adventure chicken sounds a lot of fun. The eggs shot is very cute. I enjoyed your post.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy sa...

Elisabeth: What a neat story with a happy ending with the chicken in the perch. I guess that is why they are free range chickens.

Gallicissa sa...

What a very interesting tour of that market! I liked it very much.

SandyCarlson sa...

That chickens drive to survive must have kicked in! What a fun market.

mkreider sa...

Wonderful story of a very fortunate chicken. Fun pictures too.

I really liked your "Sky Over Flinders Ranges" series... beautiful!

Louise sa...

Maybe that's a smart chuck!

Gaelyn sa...

The chuck that got away sure made me chuckle. Nice to have a fresh food market. Great captures, except for the one you missed. LOL!

Arija sa...

A super post, I'm still grinning! The Angaston farmer's market where we shop also has a small boy tending the chuck and dick sales. Loved the bid for freedom and your lovely photos.

Rinkly Rimes sa...

To round off the story I would like someone to be standing under that tree when she decides to lay an egg!

eLIZabeth Floyd sa...

Hi Elisabeth, this looks like it was a fun adventure :)

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