13 juli 2009

My World no 18 - Seven Hills

We are ready for a Sunday outing to Clare Valley for stocking up at The Seven Hill vinery and to have lunch at the Stone Hut. Be prepared for some pictures. I’m taking pictures in the usual tempo down here, and from around 500 pictures I surprisingly got more usable than expected and some of those I want to share with you. Those not shown in this post you can find in the Picasa album.

Apart from the long streches with this wide and flat landscape and the hugh sky, I’m always facinated by the beauty of the trees and old majestic buildings or sad broken houses. I’ve made sure that the writings on the various signs is readable at least when you click on them to show more details.


The day starts out with an intensily blue sky and small brush strokes of clouds. We are crossing the Flinders Ranges thru the Port Germein Gorge. That’s more scenic then driving down the highway to Port Wakefield. That stretch is now too familiar.

Fra Seven Hill

Way up in the gorge there was this little place where we stopped,

Fra Seven Hill
This is the rest of it.
Fra Seven Hill


It must have been a busy place,
Fra Seven Hill
Green pastures,
Fra Seven Hill
We are going to Clare
Fra Seven Hill
passing Wirrabarra who has a market next Sunday with local products
Fra Seven Hill
Soon in Laura
Fra Seven Hill
Olive trees coming up,
Fra Seven Hill
It is quite many of them
Fra Seven Hill
More directions,
Fra Seven Hill
Facinating this time of the year.
Fra Seven Hill
Fra Seven Hill
Take care,
Fra Seven Hill
Grain silos,
Fra Seven Hill
Fra Seven Hill
One of the grain producers,
Fra Seven Hill
One of the trees I saw,
Fra Seven Hill
Not there yet,
Fra Seven Hill
but soon
Fra Seven Hill
I must share this to before Seven hills,
Fra Seven Hill
Clare Valley,
Fra Seven Hill
And the wines,
Fra Seven Hill
When we came to Seven Hill, the weather had changed and it was windy and dark,
Fra Seven Hill
Fra Seven Hill
Fra Seven Hill
Fra Seven Hill
It as open,
Fra Seven Hill
Fra Seven Hill
Fra Seven Hill
Fra Seven Hill
It was nice and warm inside
Fra Seven Hill
Warm enough for a cat,
Fra Seven Hill
Some decisions after testing was made
Fra Seven Hill
and I said farewell to my new friend
Fra Seven Hill
We drove down to the Stone hut and had an exellent lunch, maybe I'll show pictures later. The weather looked wet in Port Germein,
Fra Seven Hill
When we came back to Port Germein I saw the birds setting up the melody for tomorrow.
Fra Seven Hill

This was my little contribution from my world to you this week, don’t miss out on the rest of the world here! mwtblack

21 kommentarer:

This Is My Blog - fishing guy sa...

Elisabeth: That was a neat trip to the winery and such a nice site to see.

allhorsestuff sa...

Wow...what a fantastic tour of the countryside ending with the winery cat! Perfect!
Thanks for stoppin by my place today!
Kacy w/ Wa mare~

david mcmahon sa...

Some great Australian images there. Great work.

SandyCarlson sa...

I am alway struck by how much like here but not at all like here that your spot is.

Thanks for this.

Carver sa...

Thanks for a wonderful tour of a beautiful part of the world.

Swarna sa...

Nice tour for me!

Ebie sa...

Thanks for the wine tour. Lovely skies. Did you have some wine tasting? I saw a cute kitty.

Bonnie Bonsai sa...

I certainly enjoy viewing your collection of photographs Elizabeth. I was pretty much intrigued of the Seven Hills because it is the suburb in the west where I live.

I'd been to Clarendon in Adelaide in 2008.But I was not able to go to the vineyard for wine tasting which I was hoping to do.

It was without doubt that you were having great time driving around in the bushland and taking pics now and then.

Very delightful memory you have shared with our fellow bloggers all over the world.


bettyl sa...

Such a great tour! And you have quite a variety of photos which makes it all the more interesting. So glad you shared with us!

magiceye sa...

thank you for the lovely trip to clare!


Wolynski sa...

It's never wrong to visit a winery and always fun. I pity the designated driver. You really took some fantastic photos on this trip.

koala sa...

Must of been a great trip with all those scenic views. I liked that historic site too. It's nice they kept something like that.

erin sa...

a good tuesday elisabeth. this was a great post and the photographs excellent. i liked the sculptural piece of the madonna of the vines and the lovely kit laying in the straw in the old wine barrel. cute ^..^ the photos of bangor and its history was also interesting.
have a good week.

Arija sa...

Great day for a drive up North and Senen Hill is a great place to aim for. I'm glad to see the cat in good condition, it often gets rather obese on all the kind people in the garden sharing their lunch.
Your boot must have been a good deal heavier on the way home.

Rajesh sa...

Loved your beautiful wold. The snaps of lone trees are fantastic.

Karen sa...

What a wonderful trip...

Love the photos with the cat in the winery ... that is one comfortable kitty :-)

Rita sa...

They say that great mines think alike. That would be us this week. I also posted a tour of w winery.

Enjoyed your tour. Wonderful captures. Your world is lovely.

Indrani sa...

Beautiful shots of your world.

Elisabeth's bright side sa...

Thanks for all comments!
Yes, I carefully tested all the wines. (And drank a lot of water in between.) What I missed was the pieces of Baguettes that you can eat in between to neutralise the previous tastes. The Seven Hill wines were a really nice experience. And the adorable old grand cat had a lot of things to tell me, so we had a long chat. I wish I could have another trip :)

Annie sa...

That was quite some outing!

Thanks for your visit to my My World post this week.

Babooshka sa...

I am worn out wandering around here virtually. So many pretty places and wine of course, a must.

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