15 juli 2009

Maison Tranquille

Just a little photo for those on their way home to La Pène.

Fra Maison Tranquille

6 kommentarer:

Ishtar sa...

Gorgeous view! Who doesn't want to visit??

Regina sa...

Hi Liz this is peaceful place.

Elisabeth's bright side sa...

It is absolutely possible to book. There are families in love with the place coming back year after year. I myself will not leave for that long again if I can help it.

Naturegirl sa...

Your photos are truely amazing to view! Big sky wonderful peaceful scenery..you are certainly one with
the earth..taking in all of her beauty! Thank you for stopping by my blog!
I was visiting a winery yesterday in our Niagara region of Ontario..but saw no cats..I love the one you photographed in your last series of photos!I wish you peace.:) NG

This Is My Blog - fishing guy sa...

Elisabeth: what a tranquil scene with the great reflection.

Oz Girl sa...

A lovely photo of a gorgeous view - I can just feel the calmness there. :)

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