02 juni 2009

My world no 12 Two nights in a row and a day

To nights in a row and suddenly ahead of my usual humanly timescale. What will my views be like now? It's 13 years since last time. It certainly doesn't feel that long.

Hi, Mary Elizabeth! Sorry I didn't pop in, but I was in such a rush,
Fra Sydney

I got the sunrise in Sydney though! and then it was nearly takeoff again.
Fra Australia

Fra Australia

Fra Australia

Fra Australia

There is IKEA!. Are they sitting next to every airport or am I back in Toulouse, Montpellier, Marseille or purhaps in Sweden :)

Fra Australia

No, it's the right place. Adelaide here I come, thirteen years since last time. And there are my brother and sister in law, so we can leave? No, no suitcase. No worries, it will come on the next flight from Sydney. See ya.

Fra Adelaide

Next stop, Royal Adelaide Hospital . We drove past the reckognition ceremony for the Aboriginals that also fought in the wars that Australia has been participating in. I think they are setting up for the ceremony since there where few people there and it was very early in the morning.

Fra Australia - Port Germein

Inside the hospital we passed this new dedication made for the people and the companies that has made contributions to this hospital. It was set up in an atrium made for a resting area. 

Fra Australia - Port Germein

This place moved me because the people at Royal Adelaide Hospital has given my brother back the mobility possibilities back in his left hand. And they have made an ubelieveably good work also. Now it’s down to the training, training, train,…………..They have given another hand back.

Fra Australia - Port Germein

Suddenly I was sitting there helping out stitching together a sheep skin mitten to keep the hand warm. And after several appointments thru the day we could finally head for Port Germein. What a journey it has been!

Fra Australia - Port Germein



This was my little contribution from my world to you this week, don’t miss out on the rest of the world here! mwtblack

10 kommentarer:

Guy D sa...

Great series of pics, I always like to see different perspectives from airliner windows.

Have a great week
Regina In Pictures

Wolynski sa...

The photos from the plane came out surprisingly well - wow, that seems like a rushed trip. Very interesting.

Deslilas sa...

Je ne connaissais pas votre blog.
Norvégienne francophile vivant en France et montrant des photos d'IKEA (j'étais surpris) et i lm'a fallu dérouler plusieurs posts pour atteindre votre profil et faire une petite synthèse pour relier Adelaide et La Peine, la Maison tranquille, Saint Just dans l'Aude !

Marja sa...

Nice pictures. Ikea seems to be everywhere Your empathy for your brother is touching I hope things wil get better for him

erin sa...

touching post...glad you were able to get back and be with your brother.
have a wonderful week.

chrome3d sa...

Lot of travelling, almost like been there myself. Funny, that IKEA looks the same everywhere from Espoo to Adelaide. Good luck to your brother!

Pierre sa...

Congratulations on some awesome photographs and many thanks for sharing them! I've thoroughly enjoyed browsing and look forward to your future posts.
Regards from Cape Town,

Rinkly Rimes sa...

I do hope you're having a good time in our country.

Glennis sa...

Great series, I like the hands that give wall, and the panorama of the big city.

Leif Hagen sa...

Hei du! Takk for kommentar pa min blog. Det var graet att titta pa dina fotos! Vi har ju ogsa IKEA har i Minneapolis! Ha det sa koselig
Hilsen fra Hagen fra EAGAN daily photo

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