24 mai 2009

Sunrise over “Maison Tranquille” 24. of May 2009

The nigthingales had stopped singing after almost the whole night with the accompaniment by a concerto for cello of J.S. Bach.   After a special evening with good company, deep discussions, red wine and cheese. A most needed lesson in l’Art de Vivre. At dawn the blackbirds was taking over. So today i feel like listening to W.A. Mozart’s  Concerto for Clarinet in A major, K. 622. Clarinet by Florent Héau and the Prague Chamber Orchestra.

Maybe it’s Mozart’s profile I can imagine in the sky this morning? Fantasy is free.

Fra Vue-Matin Mai 2009

I want to throw in this little “transformer” at the end

which is suddenly "shooting" away.

2 kommentarer:

mountain.mama sa...

I look forward to your beautiful mornings!

Evita sa...

Beautiful photos again Elisabeth! The sky looks so elegant!

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