18 mai 2009

My World no 10

To buy clothes you can do that in the La Cité Carcassonne. When starting, I go the usual route to Belvéze and turn right to Limoux.

Remember to click on the pictures to get more details. . . and afterwards maybe you would like to know a little bit about “The Earth Collection”

Fra Carcassonne
Bruigarolle next; just to view the portal
Fra Carcassonne

I mean, why take this road,

Fra Carcassonne
when you can take this, thru Verzeille
Fra Carcassonne
Fra Carcassonne
Fra Carcassonne
Fra Carcassonne
Fra Carcassonne
Once passed that, the scenery is as usual very calming
Fra Carcassonne
Fra Carcassonne
And then, we can see the Cité
Fra Carcassonne
Fra Carcassonne
When parked the car, it's just to go inside and find the boutique,
Fra Carcassonne
Not this one,
Fra Carcassonne
or this place,
Fra Carcassonne
not the hotel,
Fra Carcassonne
not the church,
Fra Carcassonne
but this, The Earth Collection:
Fra Carcassonne

Maybe you would like to know a little bit about “The Earth Collection” 

This was my little contribution from my world to you this week, don’t miss out on the rest of the world here! mwtblack

16 kommentarer:

shaker sa...

Bienvenue en France !

(welcome )

Titania sa...

Elisabeth this was a nice trip, enjoyed the arch and the small towns and the cite, what did you buy?

Anonym sa...

Oh thanks for taking that beautiful road to your shopping. I love your post.

Guy D sa...

Thanks for the tour, great shots as always.

Have a great week
Regina In Pictures

Babooshka sa...

Your journey tobuy clothes and your destination is so much prettier than mine. Why France is my favourite counrty? Here's why in this post.

Erin sa...

so enjoyed my trip through the countryside to shop with you. a beautiful journey indeed.
thank you.

Lisa sa...

I love shopping with you Elizabeth! When are we going again?

Just beautiful!


SandyCarlson sa...

A very beautiful place. I love the old village!

Indrani sa...

A lovely trip to shop. I liked the ride through the narrow lanes. And the castle is just too beautiful.

Anonym sa...

Stunning, stunning, stunning. I just loved my tour of your world. That show of the Cite over the vines is perfect! You live in a beautiful part of the world.

Wolynski sa...

That's just such a beautiful town and countryside. Here in Vegas we blow up stuff like that - 20 years old and it's time for something new. Absolutely gorgeous.

Elisabeth's bright side sa...

Thank you all for nice comments, that's why it's so fun to use the time to put this post together. And Titania, I bought another pair of pants, a top and a little jacket in colours to match my other dresses. Then I have a lot of pieces to put together.
It's all cotton and doesn't have to be ironed. Some wrinkles I just put my hand over to warm up the fabric and then, no electricity used :)

Arija sa...

What a wonderful place to go shppin! Even I could be entice to go there and I loathe and dtest shopping. Great countyside shots as well.

Vamsee sa...

What a beautiful and charming place to shop!! I love your post and the pictures. Very nice.

Karen sa...

What a beautiful part of the world that you are lucky enough to live in...

I think I would go clothes shopping a lot ... if that was the sort of drive I needed to take to get there !! :-)

Wonderful shots !

Oz Girl sa...

Such a lovely post, I enjoyed your drive to get there, and the cite itself is so stunningly beautiful!

I love to stop by your blog, your landscape photos are so serene and breathtaking, a little piece of quiet. :)

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