19 mai 2009

Dawn at Maison Tranquille 19. of May 2009

Today I just fell for this!
Fra Vue-Matin Mai 2009

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Gattina sa...

What a beautiful landscape !
Thanks for your comment on my Country and City blog.
My main blog is Writer's Cramps.

Canarybird sa...

You have taken some beautiful photographs Elisabeth! I love the French landscapes.
Thank you also for your comment on my blog.

Nathalie sa...

Lovely scene and photo !

Regarding your appeal in the side bar concerning a search for someone's who's A negative, throw it away, it's a hoax.
This appeal has been circulating on the internet for years now and even if there originally was a little girl Noelie with leukemia, she's now either dead or cured. The phone number isn't linked to anything.

The bone marrow transplant that people with leukemia need requires far more compatibility tests than just being A negative (which I am, it's not THAT rare) and if you know anything about blood types you'll know that being a male and under age 25 doesn't affect compatibility in any way.

So in this message there's a confusion between blood donor and bone marrow transplant, which are two very different things.

I suggest you be very careful of appeals that circulate on the internet. A few clues : always check the issue date, always check the source and often you'll find that that a google search tells you it's a hoax.


mountain.mama sa...

Lovely morning mist and moon. You have such beautiful scenery.

SandyCarlson sa...

That's a gorgeous moment! So very tranquil.

Lisa sa...

Just beautiful Elizabeth....always wonderful seeing the French Country side with you.

Have a Great Day! ~ Prendre soin de!


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