14 mai 2009

14. of May 2009 in La Pène at Maison Tranquille

This is another day of unison watering of all the gardens and vinyards and other fields.

Fra Vue-Matin Mai 2009

Guess it's time to show somethings else than the documentation, of mother nature around Maison Tranquille.

What about some walking Platane trees that we found in "La bastide de Bousignac" in Ariége. Winnie was of course the photograph since I'm the driver and was ordered out of the car. Even if she was tired from our trip to Sequoia Vertigo, she got it.

Fra Vue-Matin Mai 2009

Maybe they are walking from street to street? It must be boring standing in front of the same houses year after year perhaps.

Fra Vue-Matin Mai 2009

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Lisa sa...

Now! This is cool!

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