11 april 2009

Today in La Pène, 11. April 2009

Guess what, it rains. It’s weather for growing. I have my sky view today also, just for the record, but it’s almost the same. The greens, the greys, the browns. The colours of the vegetation sort of stands out more in this wet landscape. It’s clearer and cleaner.

The house in the middle was the old school in St. Just de Bélengard.


The wind has blown over and the swallows can choose their direction again. Yesterday they had a hard time to get back in to the nest, but there will be Barn swallows kids this year too under the terrace roof. This year they will only have one nest. I have pictures from 2007 and 8 that shows how the same couple and kids utilize two over the summer.





However, around christmas the biggest nest fell down.


It doesn’t look like they are going to build up again, but we will see.


They came back this year too and it’s like welcoming the returning guests for the summer. For now they want peace and quiet and they don’t like the attention “Whiskie” the cat gives them.

2 kommentarer:

Titania sa...

Elizabeth, folklore says, having swallows (les hirondelles) in your barn brings you luck! The little ones are so cute how they sit in a row to look out of the nest. It is always a pleasure to observe the birds busy with their nestlings.

Babooshka sa...

I love these swallow images. So precious and I do hope that they do bring good luck and good weather.

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