09 april 2009

Sky Watch no 6

So far in April the sky watch hasn’t given me the real thrill like the sky did the 15th of January this year. First I will show you the sky in the west. . .

Maison Tranquille 20090115_Vue-Matin_112

I love brushstrokes like this, I can just feel how it is making them.

The next picture is from the east where it’s more exiting, and then

Maison Tranquille 20090115_Vue-Matin_103

from south were the ducks came in a row:

Maison Tranquille 20090115_Vue-Matin_106

 Happy Easter to all!

For more skies and views from all around the globe, visit : swftom

5 kommentarer:

SandyCarlson sa...

These are gorgeous landscapes. Very dramatic silhouettes!

Anonym sa...

Beautiful twilight. Lovely!
Thanks for sharing.
Have agreat Easter.
Mary ElizabethBlog.

Louise sa...

It's exciting in its bigness and blueness even when there are no clouds. But the last with pink clouds is really wonderful!

Anonym sa...

Love the pink clouds just adds that extra touch to the photos.

Guy D sa...

Awesome shots, the last one is my favourite.

Have a great weekend
Regina In Pictures

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