03 april 2009

Sky over La Pène 3. April 2009

Grey and green

Maison Tranquille 20090403_Vue-Matin_001

5 kommentarer:

SandyCarlson sa...

This is quite an expansive view. I like the photo very much.

Barbara sa...

This is a very calming capture. Nicely done. Have a great weekend.
Smiles B

Titania sa...

A peaceful rural area. Is this the view from your house onto this calm river. The pasture is alrady quite green. Lovely place.

Oz Girl sa...

Such a lovely place, I am sure it would provide a relaxing weekend visit!

Elisabeth's bright side sa...

This is the first thing I see every morning when putting my feet on the floor. To me this is the meaning of beeing rich. Add this to live together with my grandchildren and watch them develop as persons I've a fortune in my retirement. And yes, people having a vacation here just love the peaceful atmosphere and the short way to the busier areas.

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