27 april 2009

My World no 8 27. April 2009

This is a few pictures from the Platane alley in Bellegarde du Razès. One day with blue sky I went up to photograph the trees that looks like they are stretching their arms to the heaven and dance. Here are some of them.

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Fra Bellegarde
Fra Bellegarde
Fra Bellegarde
Fra Bellegarde
Fra Bellegarde
Fra Bellegarde
Fra Bellegarde
Fra Bellegarde
Fra Bellegarde
Fra Bellegarde

This was my little contribution from my world to you this week, don’t miss out on the rest of the world here! mwtblack

13 kommentarer:

fishing guy sa...

Elisabeth: That was a beautiful look at your countryside.

Mary Elizabeth sa...

Beautiful trees and sight.
Mary Elizabeth @ Now and Then

Guy D sa...

Incredible shots of the trees, thanks for sharing.

Have a great week.
Regina In Pictures

Wonder Turquette sa...

What a beautiful blue sky! It makes a very beautiful contrast with light brown trees. Have a great new week! Ciao! :-)

mountain.mama sa...

You have lots of nice places to walk too! Isn't it wonderful?

Robert V. Sobczak sa...

Great photos. Interesting to see the trees still bare. It's 100 percent green in my parts (Florida).

SandyCarlson sa...

These are grand landscapes.

Indrani sa...

Whoa! I love the look of the trees against the blue sky!

Bonnie Bonsai sa...

It's great to see your world from afar. Great pictures!

Linnea W sa...

Beautiful trees even without the leaves - which they will soon be full of. Lovely scenery!

Erin sa...

i just love bare trees...they've a whole different personality when leafless :)
liked your last photo of just a peek of the snow covered peeks...
have a wonderful week.

Regina sa...

I love the countryside. Nice shots.

Elisabeth's bright side sa...

Thank you for all comments, it's really nice that you out there in cyberspace also like my views even if you cannot smell the nature or hear the birds and the frogs. :)

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