22 april 2009

Morning sky and more at Maison Tranquille 22. April 2009

First, the documentation of the sky this morning, a and then a couple of photos from our little trip to Limoux to get some flowers for the garden.

From Vue Matin avril 2009

This isour favourite Jardiniere, it’s top  quality plants to a faire price

We had very little time, but we got plants and seeds

The tranquille atmosphere and good service are a good comfort. No pushing and rush

The cat is old and has been in this store for many years. This must be a good life.

3 kommentarer:

John sa...

Flott bilde serie, Elisabeth!

Zignesrom sa...

Nice pictur, I wanna be a cat in France if I was`nt all ready in Norway. Love Zigne

Elisabeth sa...

Interessant blogg med mange fine bilder!

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