12 april 2009

Easter in La Pène 12. April 2009

Thought this would be of interest, it is so easy to forget that nature is providing us with everything we need:    Easter eggs dyed naturally

A little soundtrack of our Barn Swallows from: Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Sound & Video 

Our little colony of Barn Swallows, Les Hirondelles, is suddenly sitting in one of the parasoll trees on the terrace. Over the years now we have noticed that each of them has a different pattern of white or black spots. (I just love to watch and listen to birds, I don’t now so much about them.)

Maison Tranquille 20090412_Vue-Matin_203

and of course, here is the view today :)

Maison Tranquille 20090412_Vue-Matin_104

I like, and all the guests over the years like to watch the swallows and the nests. Either daddy is sitting on the shelf and getting food for his beloved, or he is on the eggs and mom is on the shelf and catching the food. When the kids come, they fly back and forth all day.  Here daddy is on the shelf. That is easy to see since he has no black spots on the breast.

2 kommentarer:

Titania sa...

The swallows are such welcome birds. You have so many. It is interesting to watch them bringing up their youngsters. It is great that they have a secure place to nest, only when they are happy they come back. We have swallows here but I think they are smaller. I do not see them so often here but on the grazing property they were always around nesting in the barns.

Babooshka sa...

So many swallows at rest. That is so wonderful. I always look forward to swallows as it is a sign of summer.

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