20 april 2009

Early morning in La Pène 20. April 2009

The sky is a bit rough today also, but the sun will come thru since it’s not completely still, enjoy before the last “winterstorm” this week. (If the experts are right.) Either we will have the weather from the Atlantic or from the Mediterrainian. We are just in a border area so the weather forecast can be terrible, but the wether quite nice, or vice versa. Doesn’t matter really if you are living with the nature.

The Colsa field is flowering and with more rain it will be Lemon yellow in a week or so. Together with the Viridian green colour pallette the fields will be quite bluish for a while in that direction.

Fra Vue Matin avril 2009

This was yesterday, but it looks the same today also, the almonds are coming nicely. I haven’t been able to catch a photo of the squirrel jumping around in those trees checking the food getting ready for eating. Never go down for breakfast without the camera :)

Gallery Xpremental Maison Tranquille

Fra Vue Matin avril 2009

A little review so far,

Maison Tranquille
Fra Vue Matin avril 2009

2 kommentarer:

Naturegirl sa...

Beautiful serene landscape..blossoms already! In my world at home in Canada Spring is a bit late coming..buds just beginning. I never leave home without my camera! Happy Earth Day on Wed. smiles to you NG

Titania sa...

That is lovely. I think a flowering almond tree is one of the prettiest sights ever. And the nuts are a welcome bonus.

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