17 april 2009

Dramatic opening in La Pène 17. April 2009

Would the storm brake loose or would the day be one of those warm and sunny. . .



It is strange how the colours can change so fast, but the dark storm cloud lasted the whole morning without giving us any rain before midi. And then the sun broke through again.


5 kommentarer:

Oz Girl sa...

You have such beautiful skies and you capture them magnificently! How I would love to have your view everyday, although I cannot complain about our view here in Kansas. :-)

CTG Ponies sa...

Very pretty!

Erin sa...

beautiful...beautiful skies and i just love the tinges of pink/red.

Caprice- sa...

Love photos of your stormy skies. Thanks for sharing! Have a super weekend!

Arija sa...

Beautiful dynamic skies!

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