30 april 2009

30. April 2009 in La Pène

This is my picture,

For the Thaurous_MG_2213_1

Greetings to all Taurus’s, especially for those born in the year of the Ox !

After another 10 or so pictures, I saw this on the south skyline. Do you see what I see?

Gallery Xpremental _MG_2242_1

For more skies and views from all around the globe, visit : swftom

4 kommentarer:

Boo sa...


That is special. Thanks for sharing and have a GREAT weekend!


Syaa_Fiqq sa...

Wonderful skies, you captured them well. Have a nice weekend..

Oz Girl sa...

Both so beautiful... I am not sure what you see in the 2nd shot?

Lisa sa...

As always just breath taking! Love the sun rise....I see a ? mark.....Is that right? Did I pass?????

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