11 juli 2009

Tarzan, the Arabian colt

Hi, I'm Tarzan. I have grown up at the little Equesterie Tranquille in La Pène. Today I’m going to my new home at a little villge called Hounoux. Elizabeth says it’s ok and that I will live a life without shoes and bridle and with an owner that loves me. I hope  she’s right.

You might enjoy my very own show at the bottom of this post.

Fra Windows Live Writer

Here is my mom and dad

Fra Les Chevaux


Tarzan has gotten his first real hormon kick.

12 kommentarer:

Anya sa...

Lovely shots from your horses :)

SquirrelQueen sa...

Tarzan is very beautiful.

PB...also this is not me in this photo,just having fun sa...

Nice blog
Thanks for your comments on 1 photo 3 words 365 days, sorry was out of town so very busy. Always ask before hand, it is hard but worth it. please keep following and pass it on

magiceye sa...

heya tarzan! heres hoping you have a lovely home!
best wishes from all at Pet Pride


Pet Pride

Tammie Lee sa...

so sweet and cute. Thanks for sharing.

Babooshka sa...

Such a bonus to see the video. I adore horses, such gentle creatures even in their wild moments.

Arija sa...

Young Tarzan is so beautiful! Congratulations.

ewok1993 sa...

This is the first Tarzan I met. He is a handsome one.

Indrani sa...

Hi Tarzan, I liked your slide show very much.

Arija sa...

Wow, how he has grown!

Barb sa...

Your Arabians are beauties! Tarzan has grown into a fine horse - hope he loves his new home.

Swarna sa...

Hi Tarzan. Elisabeth is right, and I am sure you'll be very happy, at your new home. Keep up the good show!

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