28 mars 2009

The Norwegian in France

I think maybe I should clear up a few things, just for the record. Yes I’m Norwegian. Actually I’ve been living in Norway my whole life minus a couple of years just now. Just now I’m happily retired in France. I live together with my daugther and family. I‘ve known for years that I’m Francophile. Just maybe I’ve lived here a couple of lifetimes, before if we believe in reincarnation. Anyway it feels like home, I have this strange feeling of peace and content, more in contact with nature, and there is really no hurry like before in the computer business. I live in the middle of the ancient Cathar country. If we think about wine, it’s in the Malepère country.

Kanskje bør jeg oppklare litt. Jeg er Norsk og jeg er vokst opp og har bodd i Norge hele livet minus de par siste årene. Akkurat nå bor jeg i Frankrike, lykkelig pensjonert og bor hos datteren min og familien. Jeg er Frankofil fra lenge siden. Kanskje jeg har bodd her for et par liv siden, hvis vi tror på reinkarnasjon. Uansett føler jeg meg hjemme her. Å bo her midt i Catharenes land gir fred i sjelen og mer kontakt med naturen. Det er ikke så mye som haster lenger som før.

Tenker vi vin og Frankrike, heter vinlandet jeg bor i Malepère.

Maison Tranquille Eveningview--Glenne-Fleur_20050907_002_3

It’s real easy to forget the time and just sit and meditate or just be.

3 kommentarer:

Naturegirl sa...

An inspiring thought particularly with this stunning view! It reminds me of the scenery as I left Paris on route to Monets garden in Giverny this past summer!
I could very easily reside in France! Purr-Zzz NG!A pleasure to meet you! =^.^=

Elisabeth's bright side sa...

It's a pleasure to meet you too! I think we can see the love in Monet's paintings of that area. Compared to Norway which of course has a very special place in my heart, the character of the landscapes are very different. I'm afraid I haven't been to Paris other than the airport, but I'm planning trips with the car and Monet's garden will be on my list.

Titania sa...

You have chosen a wonderful place to retire. The main thing is that you are happy.

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