31 mars 2009

My world no 4

This is also a part of my world, let me present you to:

Equesterie Tranquille, La Pène

Nyte Dreamer (my daugther’s), Mon amie (på norsk: Mona mi siden hennes mor het Mona binht Sawhi) også den lille sønnen deres Tarzan.

Here is Tarzan one week, a real charming little guy.


Very often they are together, but sometimes mother and son is on their own and they are not quite confortable with that,  they want back to the others.


Now a days he’s solitaire for a few days because when you are a nearly two year colt, it’s time to discover the world of the stallions. He hasn’t yet a clue of what his hormon kick is all about.

Maison Tranquille 20090328_ET-Tarzan_021Square

Maison Tranquille 20090328_ET-Tarzan_001

Maison Tranquille 20090328_ET-Tarzan_010

Maison Tranquille 20090328_ET-Tarzan_012

But mostly he is as Tranquille and sweet as his mother and father.

Maison Tranquille 20090219_ET-Tarzan_002

Many thanks to all behind My World. Go and explore: mwtblack

10 kommentarer:

Arija sa...

Aren't horses wonderful, my daughter and two granddaughters have five horses between them. I wish I could still ride but my ardiologist is very much against it.

Titania sa...

Charming photos of the horses. Love it how the little guy uses his energy, so playful.

Ivar Ivrig sa...

Hester er flotte dyr. Artig å se dem røre litt på seg også.

Takker for kommentar på Holmen "min". Linsa jeg bruker er en Tamron 18-270 mm med stabilisering.
Du har rett i at denne holmen er fra samme dag som Kopparn, men faktisk så er ikke holmen med i de to første bildene. Det er vinkelen og sollyset som gjør at blåfargen ble slik.

Jenn Jilks sa...

Beautiful animals. Well-loved, I am sure.

Jack and Joann sa...

Wow, what a great show of a spring horse romp! I enjoyed it so much.

koala sa...

What a beauty!

Louise sa...

Beautifully sweet!

Esther Garvi sa...

I am distraught! I wanted so to see the details but my Internet wouldn't upload more than half the pictures. I loved what I saw, though!

Sylvia K sa...

Oh, how beautiful they all are! But particularly the "young man"! Years ago I had two Arabian horses and it was such a joy to see them play! These are fabulous photos! Thanks for sharing this part of "your world"!

Erin sa...

what a fab series of photos of your horses...they are so beautiful.

have a most wonderful weekend.

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