23 mars 2009

My world no 3

Le marché de Mirepoix

Last week I mentioned Mirepoix. In Mirepoix there is a market every Monday. This towns name, Mirepoix, was used before 1062. Latin, “Mirum podium”.


La cathedral Saint-Maurice in the background. The first stone layed down in 1298.

What do you need more than bread,




paella for dinner,








sharp knives,


and warm feet .


Enjoy the rest of the world here: mwtblack

19 kommentarer:

kjpweb sa...

Excellent - but now you made me hungry!
Cheers, Klaus

Sujatha sa...

Thank you for these pictures! They are lovely.

I LOVE pictures of markets. Markets are the first place I want to visit in any new city.

The picture of the knife sharpening was especially attractive. It reminded me of the knife sharpeners we used to have in India, they used to go house by house carrying their stone with them.

SandyCarlson sa...

I could devour the paella all by myself right now!

Susan sa...

But now I'm soooo hungry!
I need to visit your part of the world someday soon--thank you for sharing these photos.

ewok1993 sa...

Oh what a beautiful well-stocked market. And there's paella, I love that dish.

The church reminds me of Grace Cathedral in SF.

Esther Garvi sa...

What a LOVELY market! Local produce has so much more taste and I don't mind if the prices are higher (which they are in Sweden). Here in Africa, we buy straight from our greengrocer, who brings produce from a nearby village. Every thing comes in seasons, but that's all right. I don't mind not having access to everything at the same time, because those items that are available taste sooooooooooo much more than the packaged fruit I get all-year-round at a Swedish supermarket!

Your EG Tour Guide sa...

Shopping must be fun in your world. It looks way more interesting than shopping here. ;-)

Babooshka sa...

I am so envious of your market. Lovely to be able to buy such fresh bread.

Denise sa...

A super post with great photos. What fun to be able to shop at your open-air market. I would love that.

Neil Tasker sa...

I can almost smell the food and flowers. Beautiful. You do markets so much better than anyone else.

Rob Inukshuk sa...

Oh yes, that's all you need I think. I'm now missing my regular trips to France when we lived in London. thanks for reminding me what I love and miss about France.

Now and Then sa...

Love Paella.
Tasty breads!!!the best.

Arija sa...

What a wealth of wonder you present. I have never before seen a Gothic or any other cathedral with rosewheel windows all along the clerestory of the nave, usually there is but one over the organ loft or main entrance.
There is nothing, absolutely nothing like a freshly baked baguette in France, don't try one in Australia, they usually are a bread mix bastardisation.
French cheese counters are to die for too. Thanks for making my mouth water.

Lawstude sa...

Great shots. The food and the wines deserved a second look.

Sylvia K sa...

Oh, this is wonderful! I love markets for one thing, but the cathedral and the history is so fascinating! Your photos are gorgeous, feel like I've been there! Thanks for sharing!

J sa...

The bread and cheese looks so so delicious. And the wine! mmm...

Lily Hydrangea sa...

Everything here looks superb. I wish I were there shopping in your market!

Clara sa...

What awesome pictures! It looks like a beautiful market in the shadow of a beautiful cathedral. The bread really blew me away. I've never seen a wheel of bread like the one in your picture. I could almost smell it.

Glennis sa...

I just love markets, this one has great selections of yummy stuff, all that wonderful fresh breads and wine..... just my kind of place.

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