27 mars 2009

Morning and evening in La Pène 27. March 2009

Maison Tranquille 20090327_Vue-Matin_001


Maison Tranquille 20090327_Vue-Soir_001_2

3 kommentarer:

Naturegirl sa...

Your world is beautiful!A pleasure to meet you!Beautiful scenery here on your blog! :)NG

Lindab sa...

Beautiful skies, especially those little brush strokes of pink cloud in the lower one.

Hyggelig a finne en blogg pa Engelsk og Norsk fra Frankrike! Very European.

Elisabeth's bright side sa...

Hi, thanks for all the nice comments. I really enjoy to go and visit other places with people I can understand and which have the same interests. And yes I'm Norwegian and living in France and I don't believe in borders.

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