03 mars 2009

Himmelen 3. mars i La Pène

Maison Tranquille 20090303_Vue-Matin_001_6kl. 07:28 (The dots are birds) I would so much liked an easy way to record the sound and attach it to the pictures without too much special equipment and programs.Maison Tranquille 20090303_Vue-Matin_002_7kl. 07:33

The sun rises into the clouds. Very often that happens, but after a little while the clouds from Montagne Noir and the clouds from the Pyrenées have sorted out their differences. It’s strange to watch the two cloud systems meet at sunrise.

Maison Tranquille 20090303_Vue-Matin_004_9

Kl. 7:51 The sky changed to this:

Maison Tranquille 20090303_Vue-Matin_005_10

Next, the two Almond trees

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