23 oktober 2007

Back in Norway

I'm back in Norway for a while. It is no doubt autumn has come here. You can smell it, feel it and of course see it. And I dress thereafter. It's not that I'm negative, but it's a firework in colours yellows, reds, browns they are bright and warm. The air is crisp and fresh and it's natural to put on an extra layer of clothes.

The garden needs attention before the winter. It can very well be temperatures below zero at any time. But strangely enough the roses are flowering as it would be midsummer. We just wait for the frost. In the morning at wakening time, the earth breeds out and when looking out the window everything is covered in grey. It's a mild start on a day. Slowly it gets lighter and the mist find it's way up in the air. In a couple of hours there opens a beautiful sunny Norwegian day on the south cost.

Life is good. I don't have millions of some kind of money, but I have family, and some very few friends, I can see, I can feel, I can still hear and now I have a fairly good health. It means I've happiness, I'm not hungry. It is actually nothing to complain about.

I'm rich.

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