24 september 2007

This spot are now my test station, so if you find something interesting after a while, I will be happy for your comments. http://anne-elizabeth.eu/ and http://maisontranquille.eu/ are the sites I update.

Besides that I'm more and more happy here in France, and in due time I will move down here to my daugthers Chambres d'Hôtes; Maison Tranquille just 20 minutes from the Carcassonne airpost Pays de Cathares .

I'm planning to make this blog my French Language station.
First, I found The French language site. This I will build in to this place as a Widget, the natural thing to do.
Along with that I will build into this blog my "devoires" and the really important French basics that I need to know by heart.
Ups, I have to run, because every Monday is marketday in Mirepoix, Ariège, and there is no Monday without it.

Have a nice day

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